Cocoon Open To The Public!! :: Posted by#1 on May 28 2008

The once cooly exclusive cocoon is now open for all to see! Check it out!

SHIRT CLUB!!! :: Posted by#21 on May 26 2008

DUDE! T-shirts! I NEED those!

No longer accepting applications... :: Posted by#1 on October 7 2006

We have enough applicants for now, and the questionnaire program is now closed.

But fear not Henching Hopefulls, for when the need arises we will once again hold an open call for applicants.

If you were accpeted, you should recieve an e-mail within the coming week.

Now accepting applications... :: Posted by#1 on October 3 2006

After the recent undesired outcome at the Venture Compund last Friday, the Monarch has agreed to accepting applications for new henchmen via the Henchman Questionnaire available on the Henching Opportunities page. Everyone is welcome to submit, but only the BEST will be accepted!!

Security Tape. :: Posted by#69 on Tommorow

Here's a Quicktime of that minty fresh entrance.

The camera angles those security cams get never cease to amaze me.

Phew! Now that that's done, I'm gonna go get some juice.......cause I'm thirsty.

Finally! :: Posted by #24 on Sept 22 2006

The Tekken 3 machine is now BACK in the lounge. Oh my god no way!.

What is this!?!?! :: Posted by The King on Aug 12 2006

It's CRAP! That's what it is. I mean look at the logo. Whats with the font? This isn't the Mighty F**king Ducks! You nerdy excuses for Henchmen better get your act together or there will be HELL to pay!!

Hey Guys.... :: Posted by The Ghost of Speedy on Apr 19 2006

I finally got my wings. In heaven! AHA HAHAHAHAHAH HA ha ahhh....

*crys self to sleep*